Post-doctor Program

Postdoctor Joint Training Program

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A. Background and Objectives 

For improving the combination of medical treatment and scientific research and cultivating the advanced talents on translational medicine, Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center have signed an agreement on training the postdoctors jointly. The two institutions have dedicated to work closely with their colleagues to train the postdoctors of the Center for Precision and Translational Medicine, which is collaboratively established by the two sides.  

The program aims to further motivate the postdoctors for academic excellence, expand their professional perspectives, and help them better connect with the global context of the public health discipline. This program has recruited 8 postdoctors this year and will keep the pace in the following years to come. 

B. Financial Support

The Joint training program provides each postdoctor with RMB ¥200,000 per year for accommodation, insurance and other living expenditure during the program, including allowances of RMB ¥3,000 per month for renting with formal invoices. During the working period, the funding of scientific research (RMB ¥500,000) will be provided to each postdoctor.

C. Information about Tutors

(1)Information about the tutors in WIV could be browsed on the following websites:;

(2)Information about the tutors in Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center is posted on its official website (

D. How to apply

(1) Please submit a current curriculum vitae online (; the column of name should be specified your applying department and position; the attached materials such as identity cards, graduation certificates and awards should be uploaded as well.

(2) Please send the electronic version of your curriculum vitae to the following emails:

A. He Man, Office of Graduate Students, Wuhan Institute of Virology


    Tel: 027-87198366

B. Liu Qianfang, Office of Human Resource, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center


    Tel: 020-38076455