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International Cooperation News
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2017 International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Managementand Experim... [2017-12-05]
WIV organized the 6th European Virus Archive goes global Annual Conference [2017-12-05]
WIV Participates in "Science Activity Week" and "Public Science Day" [2017-05-27]
Open Lab Day: Engaging Children with the Virus World [2017-05-27]
Chinese and American scientists discussed policies in response to emergin... [2017-05-24]
French Prime Minister Visits Wuhan P4 Laboratory [2017-02-27]
WIV’s application for Intergovernmental Project of National Key R & D Pr... [2017-02-27]
Prof. Shi Zhengli attended the Workshop on Strategies to Control Viral He... [2016-12-25]
Cao Dianwen’s visit to Wuhan Institute of Virology [2016-12-25]
Tan Tieniu’s Visit to Wuhan Institute of Virology [2016-12-25]
Innovation Flies Dreams and Technology Leads Future– Active Participatio... [2016-12-25]
The French Ambassador to China bestowed medals on Professor Zhiming Yuan ... [2016-08-01]
The Symposium on Microbiology and Human Health [2016-08-01]
Nature Conference:Viral Infection and Immune Response [2016-06-02]
The 7th International Symposium on Emerging Viral Diseases [2016-06-02]
The 4th International Symposium for Herpes Virus, Associated Diseases and... [2016-06-02]
Glorious History, Brilliant Future —— A review and an outlook of Virolo... [2016-06-02]
WIV and IPS Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement [2016-03-25]
A Novel Mechanism to Inhibit NF-κB Signaling Pathway Was Revealed [2016-03-25]
Scientists from WIV have Isolated One Zika Virus Strain [2016-03-25]
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