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Glorious History, Brilliant Future —— A review and an outlook of Virologica Sinica
2016-06-02 | A A A  [print][close]

In 2016, Virologica Sinica will be 30 years old! The editorial staff presents herein the milestones and great achievements of the journal in the previous decades, hoping that their publication efforts will make more contributions for the world virology community.  


The first issue of Virologica Sinica was published in 1986. In 2007, the Chinese journal was transformed to a fully English publication, which was then launched worldwide in 2008 and included in PubMed/Medline in 2010. In 2015, the journal was included in SCI, which was a privilege enjoyed by a Chinese virology publication for the first time. Contents of the journal include research papers, reviews and major events in virology, epidemiology, vaccinology and related bio-medicine fields. The mission of the journal is to promote academic communication and international cooperation. From 2013 to 2015, the journal was rated as “the most influential international journal of China” three years on end. The publication has won widespread recognition in the world academic community.  


The journal attaches importance on various fields of virology researches, and constantly keeps pace with the research trend and ongoing events. In 2015, special issues of “Phage and Therapy” and “Oncogenic Viruses and Cancer” were published; in February 2016, a special issue of “Coronaviruses” was published. The issues concerning “Zika Virus” and “Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” specially will come out soon. A monograph marking the 30th anniversary of the journal is also underway.   


The journal spares no effort to improve its quality and presence. Renowned scientists at home and aboard have been invited to work as members of the editorial board. There are also over 20,000 reviewing experts. The quantity and quality of papers submitted have been on steady rise over the years. Researchers with over 400 organizations from over 30 countries and regions have submitted researches to our journal. Readers of the journal are widely spread in 116 countries and regions around the globe. The download traffic and citation count have been growing year by year. Most of the papers have quite frequent citations within two years after being published on the journal.  


Virologica Sinica has the advantage of fast publication. The web edition is attached with top priority. Papers having passed review will be immediately uploaded online. In 2015, the average period of publication was 54 days. Publication fee is exempted. Free English polishing service is also offered to attract excellent submittals and help improve the quality thereof. For typesetting, XML format is applied to realize synchronous publication on traditional media, new media and social media.  


In the last three decades, Virologica Sinica has gone through tough transmission, grabbed opportunities of globalization, and lived up to the high demands of SCI. Now on a higher platform, we will continue to improve the academic level, solicit more high quality papers, compile theme monographs, take part in international symposiums, establish online platform, and bring our journal to more readers and researchers. Looking back, what we’ve achieved is glorious; looking ahead, we still have missions to accomplish. Virologica Sinica (English edition) will strive for the top notch in world virology community, and make contributions for the virology researches of China!  


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