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Innovation Flies Dreams and Technology Leads Future– Active Participation of WIV on National Science Popularization Day
2016-12-25 | A A A  [print][close]

The kick-off ceremony and home field activity of 2016 National Science Popularization Day in Hubei was jointly hosted by Hubei Association for Science and Technology, Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, Hubei Provincial Department of Education and Wuhan Branch of Chinese Academy of Science at the Wuhan Branch of Chinese Academy of Science on September 14th afternoon. Responding positively, Wuhan Institute of Virology went all out to organize and participate in the activity.


This year’s National Science Popularization Day was themed on “Innovation Flys Dreams and Technology Leads Future”. All relevant activities were carried out around aspects such as vigorously spreading the idea of development, advocating innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, promoting understanding of high-tech among public, introducing scientific lifestyle. In the science popularization activity, Wuhan
Institute of Virology demonstrated the relationship between virus and human beings – friendly and hostile, harmonious while competitive – through various posters of science popularization, Virus and Human Health booklet, 3D models and display boards. Through such demonstration, the unremitting efforts made and the scientific spirit of scientists and researchers generation after generation in fighting against plagues or epidemics threatening humankind were also fully exhibited.


In front of the exhibition hall of Wuhan Institute of Virology, volunteers introduced the popularization work of science of Wuhan Institute of Virology, especially the new media construction for this end, which has been praised by Guo Shenglian, the vice governor of Hubei Province. He encouraged the Institute to keep focusing on the key issues concerning human's existence, including biosafety, emerging infectious diseases, and to further carry out popularization work about knowledge of virus and health.



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