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Virologica Sinica awarded 2014 “The Highest International Impact Academi... [2015-01-23]
CAS-CAS Key Lab Approved to Launch Targeting Emerging and Highly Infectio... [2014-11-17]
CAS-Racing Deathly Ebola [2014-11-17]
Key Laboratory of Etiology and Biosafety for Emerging and Highly Infectio... [2014-10-08]
The Development and Application of Mosquito Larvicide [2014-10-08]
The Young Scientist Subject [2014-10-08]
Ten Thousand Talent Program: Millions of Leading Engineering Talents [2014-10-08]
Wuhan Institute of Virology was funded by the project "Innovative Talent ... [2014-04-08]
WIV Made Important Progress in the Establishment of Human Neural Stem Cel... [2013-11-27]
5th Symposium on Molecular Mechanism of Insect Virus Infection on Host an... [2013-07-16]
WIV Held a Meeting to Commemorate 92nd Anniversary of CPC [2013-07-16]
WIV Held Professional Integrity Risk Control Meeting [2013-07-16]
WIV Institution Management Party Branch Awarded “Advanced Grassroots Par... [2013-07-16]
Prof. Jiguo Chen, Director of Virology Laboratory of Alaska State Public ... [2013-07-04]
Professor Jacobs Lorena from Johns Hopkins University Was Invited to Ge H... [2013-06-24]
GVFI’s Vice President Dr. Joseph Fair Visited Wuhan Institute of Virology [2013-06-24]
Special Meeting on Safety Issues Held by Wuhan Institute of Virology [2013-05-15]
Election of Young Researchers Committee of Chinese Society of Immunology ... [2013-05-10]
Vice President of CAE Fan Daiming Delivered Keynote Speech on “Ge Hong, ... [2013-05-10]
Director of Life Science and Biotechnology Bureau of CAS Xu Ruiming Inspe... [2013-05-10]
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