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Scientists highlight the functional significance of NS3 in noroviral life... [2017-12-19]
Natural insect virus baculovirus has evolved a distinct strategy to suppr... [2017-12-15]
Chinese Researchers demonstrated that a virus can suppress the N-end rule... [2017-12-14]
Bats in China carry all the ingredients to make a new SARS virus [2017-12-01]
Chinese Researchers Reveal the Function of Prion Protein in Tumorigenesis [2017-11-24]
Scientists generate a novel neutralizing mAb m27f whose epitope located i... [2017-11-08]
Scientists provide direct evidence of the Emuc pathogenicity in vivo for ... [2017-10-31]
Scientists found that three conserved regions play important roles in the... [2017-09-25]
PrP plays critical roles in modulating inflammatory responses [2017-09-21]
Scientists produced a second-generation flagellin-rPAc fusion protein, KF... [2017-09-14]
A Study Showed that HRTV NSs functions as a robust antagonist of host inn... [2017-09-04]
The scientists reveal important features of protease-helicase coordinatio... [2017-08-28]
The scientists provide therapeutic possibilities for combating infections... [2017-08-23]
The scientists identify IE1 as the first potential HCMV-encoded E3 ubiqui... [2017-08-14]
Scientists demonstrate RNAi as an antiviral immunity in mammals [2017-06-21]
Researchers established a novel strategy to mineralize inorganic nanopart... [2017-06-07]
Scientists generated a serial of recombinant viruses for neuronal circuit... [2017-06-05]
Scientists investigated the effect of ORF7 deletion on varicella-zoster v... [2017-06-02]
Scientists confirmed that GM-CSF derived from NECs play an important role... [2017-05-26]
Scientists report on the first synthesis of a baculovirus [2017-05-25]
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