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Genome sequencing and analysis of a granulovirus isolated from the Asiati... [2016-03-11]
High Genetic Diversity of Newcastle Disease Virus in Wild and Domestic Bi... [2016-03-11]
Intracellular cargo delivery by virus capsid protein-based vehicles: From... [2016-03-11]
Bat origin of human coronaviruses. Virol J., December, 2016. [2016-03-11]
Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchor Modification Machinery Deficiency Is ... [2016-03-11]
Changes in the Length of the Neuraminidase Stalk Region Impact H7N9 Virul... [2016-03-11]
Cloning, expression, and antiviral activity of interferon β from the Chi... [2016-03-11]
C-SIGN as an attachment factor mediates Japanese encephalitis virus infec... [2016-03-11]
Herpes simplex virus 1 UL41 protein abrogates the antiviral activity of h... [2016-03-11]
Autoubiquitination of TRIM26 links TBK1 to NEMO in RLR-mediated innate an... [2016-03-11]
A chimeolysin with extended-spectrum streptococcal host range found by an... [2016-03-11]
Effects of exogenous aerobic bacteria on methane production and biodegrad... [2016-03-11]
Comparison between a chimeric lysin ClyH and other enzymes for extracting... [2016-03-11]
The hepatitis C virus protein NS3 suppresses TNF-α-stimulated activation... [2016-03-11]
Potential for Co-Infection of a Mosquito-Specific Flavivirus, Nhumirim Vi... [2016-03-11]
HipH Catalyzes the Hydroxylation of 4-Hydroxyisophthalate to Protocatechu... [2016-03-11]
A Two-Component para-Nitrophenol Monooxygenase Initiates a Novel 2-Chloro... [2016-03-11]
Crystal Structure of the Core Region of Hantavirus Nucleocapsid Protein R... [2016-03-11]
Isolation and characterization of a Far-Eastern strain of tick-borne ence... [2016-03-11]
A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for ... [2016-03-11]
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