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The Complete Genome of a New Betabaculovirus from Clostera anastomosis. P... [2015-09-18]
IFIT5 positively regulates NF-κB signaling through synergizing the recru... [2015-09-18]
Sodium selenite suppresses hepatitis b virus transcription and replicatio... [2015-09-18]
Inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication by quercetin in human hepatom... [2015-09-18]
HBsAg sT123N mutation induces stronger antibody responses to HBsAg and HB... [2015-09-18]
Genetic diversity and temporal dynamics of phytoplankton viruses in East ... [2015-09-18]
Development and characterization of a clinical strain of Coxsackievirus A... [2015-09-18]
A Structural Overview of RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerases from the Flaviviri... [2015-09-18]
A Metagenomic Survey of Viral Abundance and Diversity in Mosquitoes from ... [2015-09-18]
Mouse lung slices: An ex vivo model for the evaluation of antiviral and a... [2015-09-18]
The FP25K Acts as a Negative Factor for the Infectivity of AcMNPV Budded ... [2015-09-18]
Simple and rapid preparation of red fluorescence and red color S. aureus ... [2015-09-18]
Immunization with HSV-2 gB-CCL19 Fusion Constructs Protects Mice against ... [2015-09-18]
Genomic analysis of a ginger pathogen Bacillus pumilus providing the unde... [2015-09-18]
How Ebola has been evolving in West Africa. Trends in Microbiology, May, ... [2015-09-18]
Contribution of N-linked glycans on HSV-2 gB to cell-cell fusion and vira... [2015-09-18]
Celecoxib Inhibits the Lytic Activation of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated He... [2015-09-18]
Aquareovirus NS80 Initiates Efficient Viral Replication by Retaining Core... [2015-09-16]
Activation of NLRC4 downregulates TLR5-mediated antibody immune responses... [2015-09-16]
Subcellular quantitative proteomic analysis reveals host proteins involve... [2015-09-16]
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