Research Groups

Center for Bacteria and Virus Resources and Application

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Director: Zhihong HU (Priciple Investigator)

Deputy Director: Xiulian SUN (Priciple Investigator), Fei DENG (Priciple Investigator)


Research Groups and Priciple Investigators:

1.Research Group of Virus Resources and Biotechnology (Fei DENG)

2.Research Group of Applied Microbiology and Genetic Engineering (Meiying GAO)

3.Research Group of Systematic Virology (Zhihong HU)

4.Insect Virus Genetic Engineering Lab (Xiulian SUN)

5.Research Group of Molecular Virology and Biology Engineering Technology (Hualin WANG)

6.Biological Control of Arbovirus Vectors (Zhiming YUAN)

7.Research Group of Applied Technology for Agriculture Virus (Zhongxin ZHANG)