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The new Consul General of France in Wuhan paid a visit to WIV

Date:05-12-2017   |   【Print】 【close

On the morning of September 12, Mr. Olivier GUYONVARCH, the new Consul General of France in Wuhan, visited Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss about the cooperation in prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases between China and France. Prof. Wang Yanyi, the Deputy Director General of Wuhan institute of Virology, met with Mr. GUYONVARCH, accompanied by Prof. Yuan Zhiming, the Director of Wuhan P4 Laboratory.
During the discussion, Prof. Yuan Zhiming introduced the achievements and progress made by China and France in building Wuhan P4 laboratory in terms of laws, regulations and standards for biosafety, prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases, and personnel training. He hoped that in the future, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments, Wuhan P4 Laboratory can further strengthen the scientific cooperation with Lyon P4 Laboratory to establish a good partnership, apply for relevant scientific research projects together and strive to achieve more in the field of academic research.
Mr. GUYONVARCH fully affirmed the positive contribution made by China in the Sino-French cooperation. He said the French government pays close attention to the future cooperation between the two sides on high-level biosafety laboratories and newly-launched scientific cooperation plan in the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases. The French government will pool its efforts with all parties to give maximum support to the cooperation between the two sides and hopes that scientists from China and France will make joint efforts to promote scientific research and contribute to the cause of public health in the world.