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2017 International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Managementand Experimental Techniques was held successfully

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From October 18 to 28, "2017 International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Management and Experimental Techniques" was held in Wuhan, Hubei by Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 20 trainees from China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Serbia, Hungary and other countries attended the workshop.
At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Shizhuan, the Director of Division of Asian and African Affairs in Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, extended a warm welcome to all the guests participating in the workshop. He pointed out that timely and effective response to the outbreaks of newly-emergent pandemics and safeguarding the laboratory biosafety are the common goals and responsibilities of all governments and scientists along the "Belt and Road". Chinese Academy of Sciences will promote biosecurity cooperation among countries in this region under the "Belt and Road Initiative“. It is hoped that this workshop can train key technical personnel in the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases in relevant countries and contribute to the cause of human health.

The training courses specially invited senior experts from Wuhan Institute of Virology and Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to introduce six theoretical courses including biosafety laboratory, laboratory biosafety management system, biorisk assessment, basic etiology of contagious pathogens, protection classes and key facilities of biosafety laboratory, preservation, transportation and management of bacterial and viral strains as well as two practical contents on biosafety operation norms and animal experiments.
This workshop relies on the Wuhan National Biosafety (Level 4) Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences and has a basis of cooperation around the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center of CAS, the Southeast Asian, Biodiversity Research Institute of CAS and the Pasteur Network.
This workshop is designed for laboratory managers and directors, research and laboratory staff who plan to carry out infectious disease research in biosafety facilities from countries along the “Belt and Road”, especially from the developing countries. The trainees learned the key components (risk recognition, risk assessment and risk mitigation) of a biorisk management system, acquire knowledge on contagious pathogens and hands-on experience of safe operations in biosafety laboratories, and know basic design principles of biosafety laboratories. These experiences not only help to expand their research knowledge in the field of biosafety, but also lay the foundation for further expansion of cooperation channels and establishment of cooperative relations.