The Symposium on Microbiology and Human Health

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On June 7th 2016, the Symposium on Microbiology and Human Health was held by WIV and Hubei Society for Microbiology. More than 100 experts from scientific institutions, universities and enterprises from home and abroad attended the symposium. On the opening ceremony, Professor Xinwen Chen, the Director General of WIV, delivered the opening address, in which he pointed out that as a qualified academic exchange activity, this symposium, which focuses on the cutting-edge issues of microbiology and human health, will put forward new ideas for the related research. 13 experts including Professor Hongbin Shu from Wuhan University, Professpr Xianen Zhang from Institute of Biophysics, CAS, Professor Hong Tang from Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS and Professor Qi Jin from Institute of Medical Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences delivered speeches in the symposium. Focusing on the new developments, frontier trends and current challenges in microbiology research, the participants communicated actively, and further discussed the new approach and method in the research field.