2020 Call Announcement: Advanced Customer Cultivation Project of Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Advanced Customer Cultivation Project

Call Announcement 2020


Relying on the major science and technology infrastructure, this project aims to cultivate national high-level biosafety talents, to output significant scientific and technological breakthroughs and achievements, and to promote the scientific and technological support capabilities for biosafety and public health. According to the scientific and technological development programs of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), CAS, the Call Announcement 2020 of Advanced Customer Cultivation Project of Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, CAS is released. Please apply for the project accordingly. The specific contents are as below:


I. Background

Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, CAS (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan P4 laboratory) mainly includes protective facilities and experimental equipments for researches on highly pathogenic pathogens. It is incorporated into the management of national major science and technology infrastructure. The project is guided by the principle of “P4 scientific and technological innovation” which means to conduct scientific experimental activities by utilizing Wuhan P4 laboratory or to conduct scientific researches on the biosafety level 4 (P4) pathogens.


II. Management

Advanced Customer Cultivation Project is funded by CAS. The application, review, management and budget implementation are conducted according to Measures of Academy-Level Scientific Research Projects of CAS and according to relevant measures of WIV, CAS.


III. Qualification and Restriction

1. The project leader shall be professor or principal investigator with the doctoral degree.

2. The project leader and team members shall be equipped with high-level research capability, solid research foundation and reliable time commitment. Team application is encouraged.

3. To better cooperate and utilize resources of the sharing research platform, research team at home and abroad is encouraged to jointly apply with the research group from WIV, CAS.

4. The project leader from outside WIV, CAS, is restricted to apply and undertake for only one project in total, while the research personnel in WIV, CAS, as the project leader and the person to contact, could apply and undertake 2 projects in total.


IV. Budget

1. Funding

The project application is globally oriented. The categories of the projects include general project and key project with the budget of RMB 250,000/project/year and RMB 500,000/project/year respectively while dynamic adjustment shall be made according to the total budget appropriated by CAS.

2. Period

(1) The implementation period of the project can be 1 to 2 years while the assessment period is 1 year. The project with excellence in the annual assessment can be further funded preferentially.

(2) The budget will be implemented in WIV, CAS. The budget implementation period is 1 year. During the project execution, the project team shall accept the review and examination on task and budget implementation organized by WIV, CAS, and complies with the relevant measures of project prescribed by our institute.


V. Guideline

1. Application

(1) The applicant’s organization should provide the opinions and agreement to the application while providing support for the project implementation. 

(2) The experimental activities on high-level pathogenic microorganism must be complied with relevant Chinese requirements on biosafety laboratory. At the meanwhile, the project members shall be experienced and the participating organization shall provide guarantee conditions.

2. Approval

(1) Under the guidance of Academic Committee of WIV, CAS, a review committee consisting of 7 to 9 experts shall be organized for Advanced Customer Project, which will include experts on microbiology, biosafety, ethics, animal experiments and P4 laboratory management. The review committee shall obey the avoidance principle.

(2) The committee will conduct the proposal selection and after the opinion passed the review by WIV, CAS, results of project approval will be released publicly.

3. Implementation and Assessment

(1) The project leader assumes full responsibility for the Advanced Customer Cultivation Project. The project leader shall fulfill the responsibility as an organizer and shall take charge of the preparation of research plan and implementation scheme for this project and be responsible for the timely accomplishment of the project tasks.

(2) Within 2 months before the end of budget implementation period/project conclusion, the project leader shall submit to WIV, CAS the annual assessment report/summary report for project conclusion and assessment. The review committee will organize the project conclusion and assessment, and submit the assessment opinions to WIV, CAS. A general report will be submitted to CAS.

(3) The research achievements attained during the project implementation, including theses, monographs, patents, software and database etc. shall be marked with “Funded by Advanced Customer Cultivation Project of Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences”. Any achievements unmarked will not be counted in the assessment.


VI. Submission

The applicant shall visit the website (http://lssf.cas.cn/) of Large Research Infrastructures User Service Platform of CAS, and click the “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner of the page. After signing up, the applicant shall select "Research User Login" and follow the requirements to fill in the form online. After logging in, select "Project Application", and select "Key Project" for project type, and "Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory" for facility.


The project application interface includes "Basic Information", "Participants", "Line Station / Equipment / Terminal" and "Auxiliary Materials". The "Funding Source" in the "Basic Information" shall be selected as "Advanced Customer". The project number shall be filled in according to the automatically generated numbers in the upper-left corner of the page; "Participants" part can be omitted; Please select "P4 Lab" in "Line Station / Equipment / Terminal" part, and fill in the specific pathogens information required according to the template.


The deadline for application is February 19, 2020. After project approval, paper materials shall be submitted for record by further notice.



Doudou Chen



Wuhan Institute of Virology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jan 15th, 2020