Upcoming Events: The 6th Symposium of Emerging Viral Diseases Control

Date:08-10-2014   |   【Print】 【close

Viral diseases pose great threat to human health. Therefore, the research on emerging and viral diseases has grown to be the focus of life science study. To further strengthen academic exchange and cooperation between scientists in the field of virology at home and abroad, the 6th Symposium of Emerging Viral Diseases Control will be held on 29-31 October, 2014 by WIV in Wuhan.

The cutting-edge issues of emerging viral diseases discipline development will be focused, including pathogenic biology, molecular epidemiology, the interaction between virus and host, animal models with emerging virus, and antiviral drugs and vaccines. Various forms will be employed in the symposium to reflect the newest research findings in the field of emerging viral diseases, such as oral presentations, group discussions, posters, etc. An open and qualified communication platform will be established for all the participants to discuss the status quo and trends of epidemiology and viral diagnosis technology in the hope of enhancing the exchange and cooperation.

Warmly welcome scientists and students at home and abroad to attend the symposium!