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[23-01-2015]Prof. Yanyi WANG Wins Distinguished Young Scholar

In 2014, Prof. Yanyi WANG from WIV was awarded as Distinguished Young Scholars, which was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

[23-01-2015]Virologica Sinica awarded 2014 “The Highest International Impact Academic Journals of China”

Released on December 16, 2014, Virologica Sinica, sponsored by Wuhan Institute of Virology and Chinese Society for Microbiology, was awarded “The Highest International Impact Academic Journals of China” (HII-CAJ, Top 5% STM journals of China) in 2014 China’s academic journal impact (CAJ) report, and it was the second time that the Journal was awarded this title after 2013.

[17-11-2014]CAS-CAS Key Lab Approved to Launch Targeting Emerging and Highly Infectious Diseases

Recently a CAS Key Laboratory was approved to be established at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), CAS, as a platform for etiology and biosafety research on emerging and highly infectious diseases, including Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Once built, it is expected to provide R&D support for the prevention and control of important infectious diseases, as an integral part of the national security...

[17-11-2014]CAS-Racing Deathly Ebola

The stern situation of the current outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever has caught intensive attention from the leadership of CAS. With great concern, repeated instructions have been given, urging the CAS staff to actively provide S&T support for emergency responses to potential invasion of this epidemic, drawing on its buildup in research on emerging and infectious diseases.