Foreign Visits

World-renowned HIV/AIDS Expert Dr. Naoki Yamamoto visiting WIV,CAS

Date:24-07-2009   |   【Print】 【close

Invited by senior scientist Rongger Yang, Dr Naoki Yamamoto, Director of HIV/AIDS research center of NIID, came to visit the institute accompany with three other experts from october 7th to 10th.
Dr. Naoki Yamamoto, one of pioneers devoting to HIV/AIDS research in Japan, got his doctor s degree in the medical school of Kumamoto University in 1975. During his 40 years research on virus, such as HIV, HTLV, etc, he have published more than 650 articles in English and 550 in Japanese, including papers accepted by the world prestigious magazines like Science, Nature, Blood etc. What’s more, he is the editorial member of several international periodicals.
In the morning of October 8th, four experts visited laboratories in our institute and exchanged ideas with local scientists in their interested topics. In the afternoon, Dr. Naoki Yamamoto and Dr. Hironori Sato, chairman of the Lab of Pathogenic Gene Analysis in NIID, gave excellent lectures, respectively on the topics named Viral Abuse of the Host Proteins/Signaling Pathway and Antiviral Response " and "Research Activities Of Laboratory Of Viral Genomics In Center For Pathogen Genomics".
Dr. Naoki Yamamoto initiated with elaborately illustration of the latest research on the effect of SOCS1 factor have on HIV, then Dr. Hironori Sato also present the latest achievement on virus genome made by NIID. The seminar attracted many scholars from various institutes and universities, who showed great interest in the researches, and exchanged their ideas with the two experts.
This visiting have proved fruitful for communication between scientists from two countries, informing us with the latest advancement in HIV/AIDS study, moreover, laying a sound foundation for the further cooperation with the relevant international institutions.