Wuhan Institute of Virology Organize Staff to Watch the Opening Ceremony and Celebrate the Holding of the 18th CPC National Congress

Date:29-11-2012   |   【Print】 【close

At 9:00 am, November 8th, the eighteenth national congress of the Communist Party of China had its grand opening in the Great Hall of The People. Organized by party committee of Wuhan Institute of Virology, more than 120 service staff and postgraduate party members of the institute watched the grand ceremony in academic conference hall.
Before opening of the 18th CPC national congress, party committee of Wuhan Institute of Virology has organized its party branches to gather information about the 18th CPC national congress via media like Internet, newspaper, TV, etc. and pay close attention to developments of the congress. During watching of live broadcast, the conference hall was in perfect order. Everyone’s listening carefully to work report by General Secretary Hu Jintao and keeping notes attentively. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and the room was resounded with waves of applauses.