Prof. Yanyi Wang wins Hubei Youth May 4th Medal

Date:21-09-2015   |   【Print】 【close

Prof. Yanyi Wang of WIV has won the Hubei Youth May 4th Medal, the top award for Hubei youths, which is conferred by the Organization Department of Party Committee of Hubei Province, the Communist Youth League’s Hubei Provincial Committee and Hubei Province Youth Federation to set up excellent examples of Hubei youths.

As the Deputy Director of the Center for Virus Pathology (CVP) and Leader of Research Group of Molecule Immunology in WIV, CAS, Prof. Yanyi Wang has published several papers in Mol. Cell, Cell Host Microbe and PNAS as a first or corresponding author. These publications have been cited for more than 1170 times by others. She received the Young Scholar Award from the Chinese Society for Immunology, and was an awardee of the 10,000 Talent Plan—Outstanding Young Talents in 2013. In 2014, she was awarded as one of the Distinguished Young Scholars, which was funded by National Nature Science Foundation of China.