Zeng Yixin visited Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS

Date:02-07-2018   |   【Print】 【close

On June 5, Zeng Yixin, the Vice-minister and member of the Party Leadership Group of the National Health Commission, and vice-director of the Central Health Care Council, visited Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


Zeng Yixin and his colleagues visited the Wuhan National Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory of CAS to learn more about the laboratory construction history, functional layout, and the establishment of its biosafety management system. He listened to Chen Xinwen, the Director General of WIV, about the Institute and the Mega-Science Biosafety Center.


Zeng Yixin fully affirmed the unremitting efforts and exploratory contributions made by WIV in the construction of high-level biosafety laboratory and biosafety research. He hoped that the institute would complete the signature of the three-party strategic cooperation agreement among CAS, the Hubei Provincial Government, and the National Health Committee as soon as possible.


He pointed out that the operation of high-level biosafety laboratory provides a good platform for China's biosafety research and creates a better space for the future development of the institute. WIV must seize this opportunity to further strengthen the discipline layout and facilities platform to build, integrate all resources, create favorable conditions, try every means to attract a large number of young researchers, build a vibrant, high-level scientific research team, and push the research work to a new level. This is the Institute’s top priority for development. The CAS, the Hubei Provincial Government and the National Health Commission should fully support the development of the Institute.


Liu Yingzi, the Director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province, participated in the visit, and was accompanied by leaders from the Wuhan Branch of CAS and WIV.